“Imagine if an alien race could use biological items such as muscle, nerves, brain, skin the same way we use metal, plastic and wood? And what if the aliens were a conquering race (like the pilgrims and the conquistadors)? And what if they were abducting humans to experiment, create the tools they need and use them as food and host?

This is the basis of the book and David Coy does a great job delivering the story in a wonderful way. He presents an alien race which is unfriendly and cruel the way the conquistadors were, where their end justify all the means. I despise the aliens during the entire book, unable to find them any redeeming virtues. The human heroes are imperfect and all have flaws which made them more endearing to me as I was afraid that any of them could be a superhero.

As a fan of the chaos theory, I like that it is the small things that end up having the biggest consequences for our protagonists.

The description of the experiments conducted by the aliens is quite repulsive and disgusting but well written and not cheap. The author does a great job making us feel what the heroes are going through.

It is a fantastic book which I recommend to sci-fi as well as horror fans.”


Alain C.