Dominant Species Volume Four – Bio Diversity coming soon!

Volume Four

Dominant Species Volume Four – Bio Diversity coming soon!

The adventure continues in 2014 with the shocking fourth volume in the Dominant Species Series, Bio Diversity.

★★★★★ Excellent Mix of Sci-Fi and Horror!

"Imagine if an alien race could use biological items such as muscle, nerves, brain, skin the same way we use metal, plastic and wood? And what if the aliens were a conquering race (like the pilgrims and the conquistadors)? And what if they were abducting humans to...

★★★★★ Amazing

""Yoo-foes," Darrel said with clarity. "Yoo-foes took `em." "UFOs, huh?" Phil said finally. "Never have seen one." David Coy brings to horrific life like detail the idea of what could happen if aliens did try to take over our world. Once again, humanity is shown how...

★★★★★ Unique Aliens – Heartless as Humans

"Very interesting set of aliens and "subjects/lab specimens". Interesting and well developed series of characters struggling with their new environment and procedures. would recommend to any Sci/Fi fan." By R. McCumber "RPM" (Brownsvill, Texas)


"Spanning a millennium, the Dominant Species Series is a panoramic story of human and alien species locked in mortal conflict. Against this backdrop of deadly biological rivalry, humankind will fight an inner battle whose outcome is as final--and as brutal--as natural...

★★★★★ More, more, more

"That's all I can say about this book and its author. I truly didn't expect this book to be real good. I thought here we go again...good beginning but that will soon end BUT that's not the case with this book. I don't know how this author dreams up these weird...