“Spanning a millennium, the Dominant Species Series is a panoramic story of human and alien species locked in mortal conflict. Against this backdrop of deadly biological rivalry, humankind will fight an inner battle whose outcome is as final–and as brutal–as natural selection itself.”

Dominant Species: Natural Selection is Science Fiction at its very best. It’s at once horrifying, fascinating, and completely engrossing. I could not put this book down.

Human beings are disappearing from remote areas all over Earth. They are being abducted by aliens, made to endure unspeakable horrors, and used as pieces in the aliens’ grisly plot to eliminate all of humankind.

Phil, Mary, Bailey and many other captives have woken up in an impossible and horrible situation. They are trapped on an alien spacecraft, floating above Earth, their bodies used as incubators for deadly parasites. They have been paralyzed, tortured, and finally healed. All that they can do is to sit and wait for the whole process to repeat itself, until their bodies are completely used up. The captives are engaged in a constant fight for survival and sanity. The alternative is death, or worse.

Coy’s vivid description brings this terrifying world to life. I found myself thoroughly and completely immersed in the world that the author created. I was trapped right along with the abductees. I felt their fear, anger, despair along with a spark of hope.

“Natural Selection explores what lengths humans will go to to ensure their survival, even against impossible odds. The book provides an interesting perspective on the way humans adapt to life and death situations and how different people react when faced with issues of survival, mortality, and sacrifice. Coy provides a colorful and varied cast of characters, each with their own story to tell. Each character brings their own individual background and experience to the situation. I particularly enjoyed watching how each of the characters’ individual stories played out.

I highly recommend this book. The author has provided an fantastic, original, thoughtful and well-written perspective on an alien abduction story. I am eagerly looking forward to reading the second book in the series.”